Money-Back guarantee

Our writing company values the customers, and we do our utmost to fulfill all their demands. We realize just how important it is for customers to know their rights and possibilities offered by our company, that is the reason we’ve written this section, namely our money-back guarantee. Letting people learn more about things like this is what guarantees comfortable work and absence of many possible problems.

Generally, we effectively tackle our main task, which is to cope with any conditions to supply our purchasers only with remarkable papers, hence, the money back guarantee isn’t a frequently used feature. There’s also a revision option to satisfy every single requirement.

Money-back guarantee implies that a customer will get his or her money back in cases which are listed down below. Do not forget that there is an opportunity to get not only a part of the paid sum back but also the entire cost of your order. However, it is determined by certain conditions

100% refund

  1. Exactly the same order placed twice
    To cancel the order made unintentionally get in touch with our support team as soon as possible. Place the order carefully and do not linger in case of a mistake because once the order processing has begun, you won’t be able to get the whole cost back.
  2. Your order is cancelled before we find the writer
    We think you will not need any in-depth explanations here. You can get the whole sum back if the writer hasn’t been assigned by the cancellation time.
  3. When our company can’t find an appropriate expert
    We work only with specialists who have extensive knowledge of various spheres, but even if you’re that experienced, it’s sometimes difficult to handle a heavy workload considering that the order demands very specific skills.
  4. A bill settled twice
    We are very careful with all the deals, but sometimes even this type of mistakes could be inadvertently made. Having been charged twice, don’t hesitate – inform us about it as soon as possible. We should point out that a full refund is possible only if you have saved the copies of receipt and can show them to us.

Partial refund

Also, there are some conditions, based on which you can be offered a partial refund.

  1. Missing the deadline
    Unfortunately, even working responsibly there are some circumstances we can’t predict. The amount is discussed with the client and depends on several factors. In some cases, issues with the delivery might be the result of the customer’s actions or their lack. Imagine a situation when a client didn’t supply the writer with all the needed materials in time. We think that in such cases, the absence of a refund option is reasonable. Therefore, we recommend uploading everything right after completing the order form.
  2. You decide that you don’t need our services, although the writer has already begun working on your order.
    In this case, you can count on a refund of up to 70% to pay for the writer’s work done. But if over fifty percent of time left to the deadline passed, you’d get no more than 50% of your money back.
  3. Complaints after receiving a completed order
    If you aren’t satisfied with the final result, we can offer you a possibility for your complaints to be reviewed by our managers. Your refund will depend on whether your claims are reasonable and well-grounded enough. Although most often our customers’ needs are fulfilled, and they are fine with the papers provided by our experts, we’re ready to look into all the feedback on our service to make it better.
  4. Found plagiarism ?
    If you have a proof that evidently shows plagiarism in your paper found by a specialized service or software you can send it to us and get a partial refund or revision as appropriate.

No refund

  1. If the mark is lower than you’ve expected
    You can be absolutely sure that our experts do their best to provide our customers with only top-notch works, but the mark you receive for it consists of not just the written work itself but also of your presentation and the professor’s ways of evaluation.
  2. Refining services like editing, proofreading or formatting
    We want you to be notified that in case you ask us to do proofreading, formatting or editing, we won’t modify the content of your work. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any possible issues about the content of your paper.

Money-back process

After we verify the refund, your money is to be paid back over a period not exceeding five business days. It is important for us to highlight that we don’t pertain to any problems that involve any other companies (banks and so on).

Be sure that the amount of your refund is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, you just can’t receive your money back because of the transaction charges. If you want to get a refund immediately, you are given an opportunity to put this sum on your account to use it for your future tasks.